Planet Orange Bird



Birds Introduced:

Space Orange Bird and the Fart Bird

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Cold Pigs

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Ice Cold

001 (4)

The Planet.

Planet Orange Bird is a planet in the shape of an inflated orange bird. The Space Orange Bird debts in this episode and it seems he is captured. It seems that on level 3-18, the birds are in a fight with the Super Fat Pig. He is like a planet since is he is so fat.

Custence PlotsEdit

It all starts out with the Space Birds relaxing on a planet. Then Red notices a low-pitched "Yeeeellllppp!" Red then notices the Real Pigs holding a cage. The Space Birds saw the Space Orange Bird in the cage. They get angry and they go to kill the pigs.

After all the destruction, the space birds (including the orange bird) celebrate until the next episode.


  • Although the Space Orange Bird makes the noise Yeeeellllpp in the first custence he actually makes the noise Yaaahhooo!!!