Berry Christmas is the first season episode in Angry Birds Space! There are 30 levels, plus 1 Present level for getting 3-stars on all levels. The boss fight is with the King Pig with a sled and flying pigs. This is a Season-sequential episode.

Birds and EggsEdit

Santa BirdEdit

Santa Bird is a bird that lives at Berry Christmas. His ability is to drop 3 presents that are bombs. They explode after 3 seconds.


  • Elf-Pigs (Minion Pigs)
  • Santa-Helmet Pigs (Helmet Pig)
  • Santa Claus Pig (King Pig)
  • Reindeer Pig (Minion Pigs)
  • Rudolph the Reindeer pig (Freckled Pig)
  • Leader Elf-Pig (Moustache Pig)
  • Fat Pig (Santa's big helper)
  • Flying Elf-Pigs (Mynock Pigs)


• The sled is 10,000 Points, but the only birds that can destroy/break part of the sled is the Super-bomb Bird, super green bird, robo white bird, and the Monster Bird.

• Mynock Pigs are from Angry Birds Star Wars, but some lives on Berry Christmas.