Egg space

The anntenae egg

Anntenae Egg


Creating a black hole that sucks in and/or flings objects and pigs

First Level Appearance:

Fry Me To The Moon 3-10 (Playable in Pig Bang S-1 - S-10)(none in deluxe version)




Egg (Bird)





The Anntenae Egg is an egg in Angry Birds Space. It made it's first appearance in Fry Me To The Moon, where it had been kidnapped by the Mustache Pig. It appeared in level 3-10. After the Angry Birds defeated the Mustache Pig, the Space Egg is saved. It also made appearances in cutscenes of Fry Me to the Moon and Utopia.

The Space Egg was released as a character on July 26, 2012 along with the Orange Bird as part of the "best update ever". If you get 3 stars on every level in apage, an "egg" level will open up. All of these contain the egg as a "bird". The Space Egg can create a small but very powerful black hole that appears on screen for a short time. It can be used kind of as a magnet, to pull things around. When you launch the Space Egg, the antenna glows blue. By getting three stars on all the levels of an episode PLUS the egg levels, you get a special item. It's a bubble.