1rst teaser picture with the Mordecai bird on it.

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Angry Regular Show birds Space is a crossover with Angry Birds Space and the Cartoon Network show Regular Show. Read more below.

Space BirdsEdit

Mordecai Bird - Splits into three then bomerangs back. Mix of Blue Birds and Super Green Bird.

Rigby Bird - Locks on target. Spoof of the Lazer Bird.

Benson Bird - Drops explosive gumballs. Spoof of the Bomb.

Skips Bird - Yells caw-caw. Mix of Super Red Bird and Terence.

High Five Ghost Bird - Drops explosive hi five hand. Spoof of the Super White Bird.

Margaret Bird - Bubble-wraps everything. Spoof of the Super Pink Bird.

Pops Bird -Inflates. Mix of the Space Orange Bird and Atomic Bird.


Small Muscle Man pig

Medium Muscle Man pig

Large Muscle Man pig

Helmet Muscle Man pig

Mustache Muscle Man pig

King Muscle Man pig

Fat Muscle Man pig


After the Regular Show Space Flock defeats the Muscle Pigs in constant battle, they have forgot about the King Muscle Man Pig!


  1. 1: YOU'R FIRED!!!
  1. 2: Oh no bro!
  1. 3: The dougnut planet!
  1. 4: I've seen this before
  1. 5: Skips vs. The muscle pigs
  1. 6: Escape from Ninja Dojo!
  1. 7: Shut you'r mouthhole!
  1. Exclusive: Park tropheys